Hi. I'm Robert.

I’m a bold and independent thinker who is most comfortable in uncertainty. I challenge myself and others every day. I have always been a hacker. Building, tinkering, and reverse engineering come as second nature. I’m constantly self-improving while maintaining a work ethic that can move mountains and a passion for what I do best: Making it happen.

I like...

Ping Pong

I really love ping pong. It gives me a great outlet to release energy and show my competitive side.


I like the simplicity, convinence, and freedom of skating. I skate for transportation. I don't know any tricks.


I'm an aspiring coffee enthusiast. I like trying exzotic blends and experimenting with brewing techniques.


Weird Music


Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain
An Introduction To Philosophy
The Iliad
Alice in Wonderland

I know...















I Write Code.

Writing code is the ultimate culmination of what I love to do. I get to explore, disect, and solve problems. In the end, I have made something useful and beautiful out of essentially nothing. I've taken a few freelance jobs as a web designer. I've also done some pretty cool class and personal projects.

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Splash and Dash

Feb 2016 - May 2016

I designed, built, and mainained an event site for the First Berea Splash and Dash Youth Triathalon. I worked closely with a client and implemented a CMS as well as coached the client to manage their site. I also worked on customer discovery, content distribution, and event promotion for the event itself.


November 2015 - Present

In collaboration with David Newswanger, I created a MySQL graph from XML data that represented the relationship all Wikipedia pages share through links within articles. Using this graph, I devised an algorithm to find the shortest path between any two articles on Wikipedia.

EPG Website

July 2015 - August 2015

I worked as a web designer for an organization on campus to design and implement their new website. It was through this project that I learned HTML, CSS, and JS. This was an invaluable experience for me. I learned how to design at scale and get usefull feedback from clients.


April 2015 - Present (suspended)

Partnered with Guillermo Ramos-Macias I created a complete Windows program in Python. BluLocker pairs your PC with a bluetooth device and locks the PC when the device goes out of range. Perfect for securing your PC at home, or the office.

Personal Website

April 2015- Present

I started this website as a challange to myself to learn web development. Now, I use it to showcase my work and to host my blog. This site has undergone countless revisions and design overhauls. It is and probably allways will be a static site. Currently, it is built in Jekyll and hosted on Giuthub Pages.

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I Write Prose.

Short stories, novellas, poems, songs, essays, and blog posts. Ever since I learned how to hold a pencil, I loved to write.

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